Trees play a vital role in improving urban environments, namely by reducing air pollution, increasing biodiversity, and providing shade which adds to the urban canopy.  These benefits, in addition to countless others, all help fight the battle against global warming and climate change.

So why is it those urban settings are notorious for lacking greenery?

Trees require space and soil volume to thrive. With dense underground utilities, impervious asphalt, and compacted urban soils, city streets are a hostile habitat for trees, making it a challenge for them to prosper in these environments.

TreeTube is the solution.

After realizing that a lack of access to healthy soil is one of the main issues preventing trees from maturing to adulthood and maximizing their potential as a combatant against global warming, we created a product to provide larger volumes of soil for roots to flourish.

TreeTube Benefits

Modular system

Increased soil gas exchange

Supports heavy traffic loads

Protects utilities against root damage

Propper integration with urban infrastructure

Advanced irrigation and aeration mechanism

Substantial soil volume for rooting

Urban tree planting solutions


The TreeTube Team is composed of a group of experts from multiple fields dedicated to developing smart solutions to create an efficient, cost effective, and sustainable urban forest.


We approach each project from a comprehensive perspective covering all aspects of planning, design and engineering.

TreeTube’s lego-like technology provides decision-makers, engineers, designers, planners, landscape and infrastructure architects with the ability to implement the optimal growing conditions for tree growth in urban environments with ease. The TreeTube System is extremely versatile and can be applied in a multitude of situations. 

The benefit of trees in an urban environment:

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