TreeTube is made of plastics, making it a light, lego-like system that is easy to handle and install.

Trees in the urban environment are usually surrounded by hard surfaces, limiting their sub-surface rooting spaces and hindering healthy and sustainable tree growth. With its lego-like patent technology, the TreeTube system is designed and developed to facilitate the growth of healthy trees. 

Its modular and load bearing system is manufactured from HDPE plastic, which enables root growth under pavements and sidewalks, while still making it light, easy to handle, and simple to install.

Additional benefits that TreeTube ensures:

  • Non-compacted soil & substrate to enable healthy root system development
  • Improved water availability by a designated water system and sufficient drainage
  • Unique aeration system – cost-effective
  • Directs roots to evolve in the desired direction without impacting sidewalk and infrastructure
  • Eliminates pavement sinking and reduces sidewalk repair caused by root damage
  • Applicable to local load-bearing standards
  • Safe compatibility with urban infrastructure due to its modular and adjustable system
  • Root protection during infrastructure maintenance nearby
  • Simple, easy and fast to install
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