TreeTube system is a modular system that enables trees growth under pavements and sidewalks. TreeTube system is a modular system that enables trees growth under pavements and sidewalks.

TreeTube develops and distributes innovative products and solutions for urban greening. TreeTube products will dramatically change the way urban landscape architects and decision-makers consider trees. We aim to strengthen and transform the development of the urban forest to a recognised green infrastructure. We operate an R&D center and manufacture in Israel while establishing channel partnerships worldwide. Under licensing agreements, the TreeTube system can be easily manufactured worldwide. TreeTube aims to become a world leader and game-changer in the greening of cities and in implementing a better environment for trees in urban areas. TreeTube intends to provide full peripheral service to the needs of trees in the cityscape.


TreeTube Ltd is composed of a team of experts, focused on urban greening, arboriculture and product engineering:

Shlomo Shalev

Co founder, Chairman of Board

Shlomo Shalev served as active Chairman of the Board of Intercure Ltd (TASE: INCR), XTL BioPharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: XTLB) and Micronet (TASE). Prior to that Shlomo was CEO of GFC Green Fields Capital, an investment company publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). Between 1998 and 2006 Mr. Shalev served as SVP Investments at Ampal, a diversified holding company.

Prior to that, Mr. Shalev served as Israel’s Consul for Economic Affairs in the U.S Northwestern Region and as the Economic Advisor to the Director General, Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Shlomo holds an MBA from the University of San Francisco, CA and a B.A. degree in Economics from Ben Gurion University, Israel.

Jacov Eilon


Jacov Eilon holds an M.La in Landscape architecture and regional planning, WUR, the Netherlands. Jacob is passionate about trees! He is a specialist in the design, planning and maintenance of trees in cities. As well as lecturing in arboriculture at the Faculty of Architecture (Technion, Haifa), Jacov researches in arboriculture, documenting the growth of trained trees from planting to maturity.

Moreover, Jacov plays together with Shachar the role of a change-agent to promote the Urban Forest in Israel

Roni Cohen

Co-founder, CEO

Roni Cohen is an entrepreneur specializing in finding solutions for agricultural and horticulture development. Roni holds a BA in Physical Geography, with expertise in Pedology from Tel Aviv University and a Masters in Management from the Polytechnic Institute of NYU.

Shachar Zur

Co-founder, Landscape Architect

Shachar specializes in the integration of Green Infrastructure in urban environments with an emphasis on the habitat of street trees and Urban Forestry policies. Shachar is a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture at the Technion in the field of Landscape and Urban Forestry.

A Co-founder of Studio Zura- Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, Shachar leads a wide range of planning projects from Master Plans to detailed design, for the public and private sectors.

Moreover, Shachar plays the role of a change-agent to promote the Urban Forest in Israel.

Jonathan Antebi

Co-founder, VP Marketing and Business Development

Jonathan Antebi served as Sales Manager at Kafrit Industries, a publicly-traded company (TASE). An entrepreneur by nature he is the co-founder of Frizweed and co-founder and business development manager of Nemo Nano Materials Ltd.

Jonathan holds a B.Sc in Plastic Engineering from Shenkar Engineering College and a B.Sc in Life Science from Tel Aviv University, Israel.

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