A tailor-made, site-specific solution according to the specific TreeTube model. The TreeTube team of experts will provide support with planning, designing and adjusting the system to the location and environment

The TreeTube system directs and provides the conditions (aeration, water and available soil) for roots to develop at a level of 50-100cm below the surface. The TreeTube system physically prevents roots from going up and to the road or pavement using a polyolefin barrier.

TubeTube is planned and designed for its tubular system to be situated in parallel with and in-between the existing underground infrastructure and tubular utilities. Thanks to its modularity we can adjust positioning, size and structure based on actual under-street conditions.

Yes. Due to the TreeTube innovative system design, it enables fast drainage of the street as well as excellent integration with drainage infrastructure.

Subject to the available area, TreeTube diameter, local guidelines and standards, any tree can be planted in the system.

The TreeTube is a lightweight modular system that can be placed in network form with internal drainage, perfectly fitting parking lots. TreeTube can be placed in squares over underground parking to enable shade and provide an aesthetic appearance.

The TreeTube system contains an integrated ventilation and irrigation system. Once connected to a ventilation duct and the urban irrigation piping system it provides these essential needs. The TreeTube system is filled with specific tree designated soil and compost to provide the best possible conditions.

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